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SpaceX Launch a Success

SpaceX successfully launched their Falcon 1 rocket today.  The launch of it's 165 test payload marks the start of a new era in private space flight.  After three unsuccessful launches and three different changes to the rocket SpaceX has finally hit gold with an orbital flight. Falcon 1, Launch 4, Static Fire

All eyes are on their next launch later this year, as SpaceX plans to show that its low cost rocket can repeatedly fly into orbit.  With a second successful launch carrying a paid payload, Elon Musk (SpaceX founder and owner) will have every reason to continue with his plan to launch more and more rockets over the next four years, cultimating in the launch of human spaceflight capable vehicles.

Even without human spaceflight, the steady launch of satellites into orbit (as indicated by SpaceX's launch schedule) will quickly prove the company a commercial success.  SpaceX's launch costs are a fraction of it's competitions launch costs, giving SpaceX a huge advantage in the commercial market.



-Darrell Cain

ExplorerFish Correspondent

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