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You are here: Home News "Next Giant Leap" - Mystery Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Revealed

"Next Giant Leap" - Mystery Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Revealed

MIT and Partners Revealed as Mystery Team in Private Moon-Race

The mystery team competing for the Google Lunar X PRIZE was revealed today at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View California.  The long secret team was revealed to be a coalition of Colorado based MicroSat Systems, the MIT Space Systems Laboratory, Cambridge based Draper Laboratory,Aurora Flight Services Corporation, and Busek Company Incorporated.

The Teams mission statement as provided on their website is:

"Next Giant Leap’s vision is to provide affordable commercial services in support of lunar and other solar system exploration leading to a sustainable expansion of human presence in our solar system. The strength of team Next Giant Leap is clearly revealed upon examination of our individual team members."

 More information on the team can be found on the X PRIZE Teams website

Or on the teams official website at 

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