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ISS Rediscovering Life on Earth

The International Space Station - Laying the Foundation for Exploration and Improving Life on Earth

This video, staring former NASA astronaut and president of the Harris Foundation Dr. Bernard Harris, is a great overview of what space exploration means to those on Earth who are not astronauts, rocket scientists, or fortunate private space explorers.  It discusses the perspective gained from having humans in orbit peering down on the Earth.  It gives specific examples of medical research that can only be done in space, research that could potentially revolutionize the way diseases are treated on Earth.  Specifically the development of a vaccine for Salmonella, a bacteria that claims more than 200,000 lives a year.

Another vital topic discusses is how technological advances, developed for the space station, can help people on Earth.  Notably, water filtration technologies needed for long term space travel have been implimented here on Earth.  While drinking water may seem trivial to people living in countries with internet, and thus those reading this story, it is in short supply globally.  Only 1 percent of the water on Earth is safe to drink, 1.2 billion people on the planet lack safe drinking water, and an estimated 2 million people globally die a year from water-born illnesses. Source.

At the same time these vital technologies and drugs are being developed, the International Space Station is also on the forefront for developing technologies that will allow humans to live in space for long periods of time, technologies that will create new jobs and industries on Earth and technologies that will allow humans to explore the solar system and beyond!


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