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Exploring the World Through Music

Musical Exploration


So here we are, in the middle of the northern hemisphere summer, between vacations. Maybe you’ve already used up your vacation time (or holiday time), or maybe you’re still a week or two away from the trip you’ve been waiting for. “Stir crazy” defines the day.

But there’s a way to go on an adventure by simply taking a few minutes, doing a little online research and turning up the volume.

As I write this morning, I’m listening to African Sunrise by the group Tribal Spirit, it’s from an album called To a Better Place. I close my eyes for an instant – and I’m taken to a remote African savannah, checking out the terrain and taking in the culture. It’s transforming and very relaxing as the stress of the day goes away.

Tribal Spirit - To a Better Place - African Sunrise African Sunrise at


I was riding my bike at dusk a few nights ago listening to African Sunset, by African Tribal Orchestra from the album African Dreams. The lyrics took on a quality all their own – helping the music penetrate deeper into my soul. As I listened to the music, I soaked in twilight sky and the beauty all around me.

African Tribal Orchestra - African Dream Lounge - African Sunset African Sunset at


You’ll find resources online easy to find. For instance, National Geographic has a very comprehensive section devoted to world music.  So comprehensive in fact that you’ll even find quizzes.

There’s something about listening to international music that stirs the heart. As you prepare for your next journey, do a little research, find the music inspired by the place you’re going to – or aspire to go to.

There’s a rhythm to exploration not only in grand adventures, but the ones we take every day.

Let music begin your journey.


Additional Resources:

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National Geographics World Music Page

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African Studies at Columbia University


Explorer Fish Executive Producer George C. Schellenger aka SpaceShark is a two-time Emmy award winning producer who dives with sharks and promotes space. He’s preparing for an African expedition in 2010. You can find more of his work at and

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