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Astronaut Explores Summit of Everest

Scott Parazynski and Mt. Everest

"Fundamentally, Exploration involves two key elements: innate curiosity and a willingness to accept some degree of risk to pursue this curiosity. Curiosity --- scientific, commercial or just plain wanting to see something with one's own eyes --- is pretty self-explanatory. Risk can take on many shades, from simple financial loss to the threat of bodily injury or death." - Scott Parazynski


It's those who dare to take risks that push the boundaries of exploration.

But that risk must be balanced against the skills, commitment and knowledge of those taking the risks.  Each individual can take and succeed with a certain level of risk, it's up to the individual to know what they are capable of.  Those individuals who understand, mediate and deal with risk make up the entreprenuers, the leaders and the explorers of Earth.

For Scott Parazynski, his abilities have taken him to not only one elite group of explorers -- but two.



The first is one that will often be mentioned here on ExplorerFish, those individuals who have ventured into outer space. (Check his NASA astronaut bio here)

He has participated in five different shuttle missions, with seven different spacewalks giving him a total of 8 weeks in space and over 47 hours of Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA).

This alone puts him in a group that is extremely small. Even with over fiifty years of space exploration, there are only about 500 individuals who have left our atmosphere.  A number that will drastically increase as sub-orbital space tourism begins in the near future allowing the general public to venture into space.

As any astronaut he is extremely well qualified for pushing the boundaries of human exploration.  A qualification again exemplified by his most recent journy towards the stars.

Up in the clouds

This photo was taken as Scott and a team worked to climb to the top of Mt. Everest - the tallest mountain on Earth.

The number of people who have made this trip and succeeded is around 2700.  No other astronaut in the world has made the trek. This makes Scott the only individual in the world to have gone to space and to summit Mt. Everest, a truly unique set of accomplishments.

To celebrate this achievement Scott brought a sample from the Apollo moon missions to the top of EverestApollo 11 Moon Rock on Everest

Scott and his team did an amazing job documenting the trip and inspiring current and future generations to push the boundaries of exploration.


This is an amazing video posted from Everest Base Camp showing a massive avalanche.


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Scott's journey was recored by SPOT Satellite Messanger online at his personal exploration site

The adventure was also publicised with the Challenger Center for Space Science Education



Darrell Cain - Explorer Fish Contributer

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