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Under Water Exploration and Shark Talking

Talking with Sharks

For and the I’ve been lucky enough to dive with and photograph some of the world’s largest sharks. I’ve been with White Sharks off the coast of Mexico and Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks in Fiji and the Bahamas.

I’ve been fortunate to witness these creatures in the open ocean, and when you look into their eyes at close range, you realize there’s something about them. Sharks are intelligent, powerful forces in nature, not mindless killers.

As an underwater photographer, my goal is that one of a kind shot to help provide a better understanding of the creature.  So over the past few years, I’ve been exploring a way to get sharks closer to the camera.

I make a consistent sound amplified by my regulator. I’ve tested this in a few different oceans, with mostly Tiger Sharks and White Sharks.  It always seems to get their attention. Basically, you don’t want to do this unless you want the shark to come directly at you (I also happen to have a 50 pound underwater housing for my high definition camera that acts as a shield if the shark gets too curious).

One hundred million sharks are killed each year, mostly for their fins. What we do now to understand and protect them will help save the ocean for future generations.

I hope my “talking to sharks” helps people see these creatures in a different way.

Special thanks to Lawrence Groth at Shark Diving International and Brad Cheetham at Explorer Fish. George C. Schellenger aka SpaceShark is a two-time Emmy award winning producer who dives with sharks and promotes space. He’s preparing for an African expedition in 2010. You can find more of his work at and

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