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The Crossroads of Nature and Technology

Where Technology, Nature and Evolution Meet


Giant spiders, manatees, marshes and a gateway to the future.

A drive up Florida’s Space Coast will take you from the beautiful waters of Sebastian Inlet to a place where nature and technology meet eye to eye: The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, just north of the Kennedy Space Center.

Here you are micro-isolated away from the entire world. The terrain is a mixture of marshes and beautiful trees, amazing wildlife and giant spiders (I believe these spiders could give tarantulas a run for their money).

You’ll find 117 types of fishes, 65 types of amphibians and reptiles, 31 mammals, 1045 plants and 330 different species of birds.

You’ll also find the Space Shuttle. It’s critically endangered. There are only three, with just a few flights left. (Schedule of remaining flights)

In a world where technology and nature can’t always get along – here is a place where the most primitive and the most advanced coexist.

There is something evolutionary about being surrounded by wildness and looking on the horizon to see a Space Shuttle sitting on a launch pad.  It reminds me of how far we’ve come and how far we’ve got to go. I think of our place in the universe, the cosmic wilderness we’re surrounded by, and perhaps what could be on the other side.

As many times as I’ve worked at the Kennedy Space Center, I never knew about this location. It provided a view and a feeling I’ll never forget. When you come down for a launch, take some time out to explore Merritt Island or the rest of the Space Coast, when you mix these views, you’ll get a perspective you won’t forget.




Explorer Fish Executive Producer George C. Schellenger aka SpaceShark is a two-time Emmy award winner. He is at home on the Space Coast and working on a tribute to the 920th Air Force Reserve Rescue Wing at Patrick Air Force Base.


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