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Training, Exploration and Survival

The 920th

Call them heroes, special ops or explorers with an edge – but if you’re in trouble, these are the men and women you’d want to call.










The 920the Rescue Wing of the Air Force Reserve focuses on combat search and rescue, and that’s just the start. They support humanitarian efforts during times of natural disaster; they even support NASA.


A common phrase amongst pilots is flying is 90 percent boring and 10 perfect pure intensity." What makes the 920th so amazing is they take the 90% and fill it with training, training and more training. It’s about checklists and complete proficiency.

You’ll find pilots with the knowledge to strip a helicopter of excess weight so they can fly into a high altitude combat zone right next to men who can jump out of the back of an HC-130 and parachute into the ocean.


What can we learn from the 920th? Training for any type of exploration is critical. It’s about knowing your surroundings, having the skill to deal with whatever nature throws at you and getting home. It’s about having the right equipment to take the “search” out of search and rescue.

Members of the 920th are good examples of what it takes to be caring, giving super humans. With the right training and dedication, it’s something we can all reach for.

If you want to know more about the amazing work of the 920th Rescue Wing, check out their website.

If you want to see them in action this October – check out at the Cocoa Beach Air Show.









Explorer Fish Executive Producer George C. Schellenger aka SpaceShark is a two-time Emmy award winning producer who dives with sharks and promotes space. He’s preparing for a tandem parachute jump somewhere over the Space Coast.





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